Midas Corporate Industrial Clothing is a part of Midas Safety group, and a leading manufacturer of work-wear garments with a diverse range of corporate, industrial and protective clothing. From standard work-wear to highly sophisticated high visibility and flame-retardant clothes. We offer a one-stop manufacturing solution for an extensive work-rearrange of both knitted, and woven garments.



Midas Corporate; Industrial Clothing produces a diverse assortment of protective and corporate clothing, starting from
simple aprons to highly sophisticated garments that meet the demands of the Industrial and Corporate workplace.
Our garments provide protection, good look, functionality, and comfort to end-users for a wide variety of industries
including automotive, forestry, construction, oil and gas (F-R; Standard industrial), medical, food processing,
pharmaceuticals, electrical (F-R; Standard industrial), road safety, household, and many more.

Industrial We offer the best solution for all kinds of industrial wear demands, using fabric that enhances comfort and functionality,
such as special pocket solutions, and many more. A number of our customers are supplying to industrial sectors such
as the oil- and gas industry, manufacturing industry (e. g. automotive, machines, and electronic devices), chemical
industry, offshore and maritime industry, and many more. We are convinced: Those who work hard deserve the best.

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