Robust Hand Protection 40 Years and Counting

The world will always strive to achieve more safety. Midas Safety has the passion, expertise and experience in leading the way to provide best in class hand protection and personal protection equipment for businesses around the world. Our safety solutions can be tailor-made for unique work environments and for applications across many industries. We are committed to ensuring all our products are tested against and exceed all applicable global compliance standards. We have streamlined our operations and developed robust vertical integrations to allow our partners to benefit from quick turn-around times. We believe in complete transparency with all our stakeholders and ensure that all social and environmental commitments get fulfilled.


ISO 9001 Compliant across all our facilities


Permutations of Gloves


Global Facilities


Worldwide Patents



Why Midas Safety

We are committed to excellence in Safety. Midas Safety remains at the forefront of regulations and technologies related to hand protection and other personal protective equipment.


Private Label Customization

Is the core business model and the foundation on which Midas Safety’s business was built

Knowledge of Global Markets

We are proudly servicing selective distribution partners in over 50 countries worldwide

Committed To Research

We use and develop the latest and most innovative material and technologies

Vertical Integration

End-to-end manufacturing including Yarn Spinning, Plying, Fabric Processing, Seamless Knitting, C&S Liners, Dipping in our manufacturing allows for speed and unparallel customization in our own production units.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Committed to investing in responsible manufacturing processes and we are the world’s largest producer of biomass generated energy in the hand protection industry. Compliant to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code of the International Labor Organization (ILO), an internationally recognized code of Labour Practice

Excellence in Safety Compliance

Products are tested and certified against all regulatory standards. Additionally, complies with the most stringent requirements for safe use and hazardous materials. Compliance monitoring by Intertek Consumer Goods Laboratories in Germany.

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